Officers, Directors & Council Representatives

Directors/Officers Email Address Position Phone
Gary Schrenk President 303-923-3093
Steve Yexley Vice President 303-506-9210
Ellen Paul Secretary & Past President 303-880-2252
Keith Kennedy Treasurer 303-242-6163
Directors Email Address Area of Responsibility Phone
Jim Fellet Unassigned 303-986-1064
Mike Gill Campmaster Program 303-619-4433
Carl Joyce Unassigned 303-717-8249
John Meeker History / Museum Coordinator 303-237-1952
Don Paul Council Liaison Properties 303-918-0901
Dana Seymour Assistant Director – Museum
Taylor Yexley Unassigned 303-513-1683
Directors Emeritus
Kenneth Lane Founding Member  970-461-3507
Frank Lindsey 303-986-1064
Dorothea Lindsey 303-986-1064
Committee Chairmen Email Address Area of Responsibility Phone
Keith Kennedy Membership/Webmaster 303-242-6163
Dana Seymour Totem
Jack Schooley
Jim Scott Memorial Award 303-477-6196
Council Representatives Area of Responsibility Phone
Chuck Brasfeild Scout Executive CEO 720-266-2120
Michael Fifhause Deputy Scout Executive 720-266-2127
Dave Whitner Director of Support Services 720-266-2101
Jack Loats Camping Executive 913-944-2915