Can I fish at Camp Tahosa?

Yes! We have a thriving population of Brook Trout. In general, the lake is open to fishing year around (ice fishing in the winter!) but may be closed temporarily when we restock the lake. Tumbleson Lake is a private lake – no fishing license is required. We will remain on a “catch and release” status until further notice.

We like to do orienteering– what’s available for us at camp?

We have many Orienteering courses available – simple courses for beginners that can be completed in about an hour or two to advanced courses that may take most of a day. Maps & instructions are available from the Campmaster and Ranger.

We’re coming to camp soon– what’s there to do?

You’re only limited by your imagination. The Campmaster has Check-in packets for new units– inside these packets is information on what’s available for you to do at camp. Campmasters on weekends are there to help boy leaders organize activities.

What are the “vital statistics” of Camp Tahosa?

Camp property is approximately 320 acres. Tumbleson lake is 18 acres. We’re situated at just under 9,000 feet. There are 52 buildings in camp.

We want a good place to hold training, what’s available?

The Training Lodge is a large heated building with tables and chairs to accommodate large groups. Indoor bathrooms, projection screen, spacious facilities make Camp Tahosa a choice site for training.

Can I bring my dog to camp?

No. Family pets are not permitted.

How many trails are there to hike on at Camp Tahosa?

There is a new trail that circumnavigates camp.  It was built as a mountain bike trail but hikers can use it, too. There is a Nature Trail behind the chapel that will lead you to many of camp’s natural wonders. From camp, you can connect with a network of trails that will lead you to the surrounding National Forest, Indian Peaks Wilderness Area and even Rocky Mountain National Park!